The ancient yogis taught through story and metaphor and this is still the most compelling way to get people to pay attention to what you are saying. 

Artificial Intelligence can do a lot of things for your business but what it can’t do is tell your story. The narrative around who you are and why you teach and share in the unique way you do is what makes you special. It’s also the foundation for your successful business. 

In these short and sweet intensive sessions I'll show you in real time how to tell your stories, sell your offerings and make writing quick and easy. 

The Story of Your Business

$97 (includes a review of your work afterwards)

DATE: coming soon

You’re a yoga teacher, a doula, a wellness expert or a spiritual teacher. And there are a zillion others in your industry doing similar work to you. Perhaps you wonder how you will stand out in a saturated market? What’s special about you?

Everything is special about you!

In this group zoom session I am going to help you name and claim your unique sparkle. We will spend time actually writing (I’ll guide you through it) and you’ll come away with the basics for a first draft.

You’ll use this for the about page of your website, as part of your bio and in your social media. This fee also includes me optionally reviewing your written story after the session. You’ll have one week after the workshop to submit the words to me via email and I’ll give you feedback via voicemail on Whats App.


Website and Email Words

$97 (includes a review of your work afterwards)

DATE: coming soon

Group zoom workshop to get your business copy flourishing. Words are my passion. I’ve been journaling and writing for as long as I can remember and have a bunch of published books to prove it!

Many people struggle with finding the words to promote and describe their offerings. AI is not the answer! You won’t sell your work with generic cliches and ‘written by a robot’ copy.

Let me help you unpack the passion behind your work through great writing. This fee also includes me optionally reviewing one email or website page you’ve written after the session. You’ll have one week after the workshop to submit the words to me via email and I’ll give you feedback via voicemail on Whats App.


Why these workshops are live ... 

How many times have you bought a course, downloaded a PDF or audio book and thought to yourself ‘I’ll read that / listen to that later’?

Later doesn’t come.

My phone is FULL of screen shots of content I want to ‘do something with later’.

We’re overloaded with content and we simply don’t have time to consume it all.

A friend of mine who loves crystals called me this morning to tell me about an e-book she wants to write about a specific type of crystal she works with.  I asked her ‘when’s the last time you read a whole e-book?’.

The phone-line went silent.

'I mean, I’ve read bits of e-books’ she stumbled.


We read bits of things not the whole thing.

Our brains are overloaded and tired. Content is no longer a gift to our audiences unless it leads to practical action steps.

This is why live workshops (like the ones I'm offering here) and storytelling in your copy matters. Trust me, a $97 payment, along with an hour of your time, to do one of these workshops will be a GREAT investment for your business. 

A few more words about words from Katie Rose (and why copy is so important for your business and sales) ... 

All the words you use in your business are known as your ‘copy’. This could cover everything from marketing emails, website pages, flyers and promotional materials and social media.

I am an avid reader and I love to study. I’m really good at taking complicated teachings and subjects, organising them and then explaining them in a way that makes relevant sense to a contemporary audience.

For example in yoga philosophy, chapter 3 of 'Patajali’s Yoga Sutras' is where all the cryptic and ‘weird’ stuff happens. Many yoga teachers gloss over or miss it out altogether.  I spent years reflecting on and contemplating this chapter alone, digging into what it meant for me as a woman in the modern world. I found gold in there that was life changing to me. I also found many students of yoga confused or disconnected from these teachings (because they were badly taught in all honesty). A couple of years ago I created a course called Yoga Sutras Alchemy which covers chapter 3 of the Yoga Sutras and it’s been one of my most popular and well received trainings. The feedback each time I run it is phenomonal.

This is an example of complicated, whacky content that’s difficult to unpack made luscious and relevant and organised (sequential) through my distillation and magical interpretation. That’s one of my biggest skills as a teacher.

I love words and I’m a great orator. I enjoy speaking and writing (my teenagers might tell you I love the sound of my own voice!!).

In terms of business what this means is I’m really good at helping you see what’s important in the landscape of your business and cut out the distraction. It applies in business as much as in philosophical understanding. If you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, I’m here to help you find clarity and direction.

Katie helped me to get really clear on the direction of my business. Before working with her I was offering lots of things and feeling that my energy was scattered and my business didn’t have a clear focus. We got clear on my main offerings and also thought about them in a way that will help me to balance my energy and make my business sustainable over the long term. I’m so happy to be working with Katie in this way and feel really positive about the changes I’ve made in my work.

Janina Keller

Healing Birth and Soul