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Hi there, I’m Katie.

I’ve been a yoga teacher and ayurveda educator for over two decades, running successful yoga studios and now a thriving wellness business online, that supports me and my family.

Because I’m a working mum of five kiddos, I am great at juggling lots of balls. Some of my super-powers include consistency, discipline and organisation. I can teach you these things and help you overcome procrastination and indecision.  I can help you get stuff done that you’ve been putting off (or support you in putting it off altogether because sometimes we just need to say ‘no’). 

Being self-employed isn’t for everyone, it requires a robust nervous system and serious determination. However, it’s one of the greatest joys of my life and I absolutely love what I do. I won’t promise you ‘overnight success’ or a ‘quick fix’. I will offer substantial support and personalised practical suggestions. I’ll be the person I wish I’d had in my corner when I was starting out with the various chapters of my business. If you’re unsure if we’ll be a match, just reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

Stuck on what your next steps should be?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey in being self-employed or you’ve been running a business for a while, we can help. Take the quiz to find out where the strengths and challenges are in your work so that you can play to your power and find creative (inexpensive) ways of tackling stuff that doesn’t light you up.


Struggling to generate the revenue you know your work is worth?

Business usually takes steady strategy and time to build sustainably and ethically.

Maybe you are facing some big challenges in your work at the moment but please know, all is not lost. You can cultivate the skills and mindset shifts needed to grow your business. In the Bhakti Business program we will work together, from a place of knowing that you’re already amazing.

Katie Rose has 25 years of experience running all kinds of flourishing yoga and wellness businesses. She can help you build yours, staying true to yourself on the way.  

Whether you are a yoga teacher, doula, wellness practitioner or simply have a business idea you want to explore, this training program is for you. 


Trust Life, Trust Yourself, Find Peace

the new book by Katie Rose, published by Affirm Press

Have you lost faith in the idea that the Universe is working for you, rather than against you? Have you dreamt of making big changes in your life but find yourself stuck in a routine, with habitual patterns that feel hard to break out of? Or maybe you jump into change and adventure a little too quickly, and as a result you’ve been burnt and find it hard to believe that things will ever work out again.


Learning to trust your own judgement, and that the Universe supports you – even when things feel really tough – is within your reach. When trust is deep enough, we know that even if we fail, we’ve won because we had a go and that is all life is asking of us. 

Drawing on modern psychology as well as elements of ancient philosophy and yogic wisdom, author Katie Rose guides you through the dance between being in your power and surrendering, as you learn to trust yourself every step of the way.


Ways I can help you build your successful business ...

Bhakti Business Program

Kick-start your business growth in this affordable 8-week live immersion. Including small group zooms, a private Whats App group and 2 x 1:1 mentoring calls. 


The stories behind what you do create the brand and content that sells your work. In a world where AI creates many of the words used in business I can help your words stand out as unique. 

One-to-One Mentoring


 I offer one hour 1:1 sessions where I will help you to nut out certain aspects of your business; mindset, social media, book ideas, writing or teaching.


Kind words about Bhakti Business ...

Thank you Katie. Your help with my business has been visionary, pragmatic and easy to implement.  It’s been really valuable to have somebody with crystal clear thinking to help cut through overwhelm and confusion and implement a practical step-by-step marketing and sales strategy for my offerings whilst maintaining integrity and alignment with my values.  My first online crystal short course offerings sold out to 20 plus places each, and I had a fully booked shamanic healing retreat within 1 week of launching. Thanks, Katie for all your support.

Eloys Harradence

Healing Grounds, Byron Bay

I started working with Katie in the Bhakti Business Program only around a month ago and I am already seeing results. Not just in my figures, but in my clarity and confidence. I look forward to the weekly calls, and enjoy my time with other like minded women. Thank you Katie for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us all. Nin Yoga offers two studio locations in Western Sydney and offers an extensive range of classes with a large team of teachers. 

Annika Saigi

Nin Yoga, St Mary's & Penrith

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Seven Pillars of the Bhakti Business Program


KRAMA - sequence

Creating robust structures and processes in the back end of your business. Your offers, your systems and your platforms. 

ARTHA - money

Your business needs to make a profit. We will look at practical financial number-crunching as well as money mindset work. 

SADHANA - business rituals

Cultivating daily rituals and habits to support productivity. Creating and meeting your goals and deadlines. 

SATSANG - community

Who is your work and offerings for? How will you find your people? Ethics and thought leadership. 

ABHYASA - discipline

Focus, repetition, doing the work that needs to be done. 

SUNDARI - beauty

Your website, your brand, your socials, your vibe. The poetry and philosophy of who you are and what you do. 

DHARMA - sacred assignment

Aligning your work and your values so you're doing what you were put here to do. 

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