My Favourite Things (September 2023)

ayurveda things i'm loving Sep 01, 2023


There are a couple of times a year when I still feel ‘upside down’ because I spent the first 26 years of my life living in the northern hemisphere. Christmas of course is the obvious one, I’ll never be completely used to Christmas on the beach and mangoes replacing rich fruit cake. But September is another. In England, it’s ‘back to school’ month and of course the beginning of Autumn. But here we’re about to be plunged into Spring. A few years ago, I heard an Elder teacher in the Shamanic tradition explain that as human animals we are really not meant to cross the world’s hemispheres. She called it ‘confusing to the cave woman inside us.’ This made so much sense to me.

Anyway those contemplations aside, August has been a rich and cosy month for me. Here’s a taste of what I got up to …

🌹 I’ve been diving into the energetic womb and Divine Feminine work, meditation, reading, and contemplating. This is all part of a new offering I’m creating and I’m deep in the journey of that, through exploring my own process. I’m halfway through this book which is so special and I’ve been loving the work of Christina Louise on Instagram as well as her potent womb meditations. There will be plenty more on this from me in the coming months.

🌹 I had the most incredible Human Design reading with this woman last week. Her bio got me because she promises to help us ‘harness the power of Human Design without needing to learn it for yourself’. I do not want to learn HD (I’ve tried before - it’s complicated!) but I do want to know how it works in my life. Crystal was amazing and I can’t recommend her highly enough. So many moments of clarity and insight.

🌹 On the podcast front I recorded this one in which I covered some topics I’ve never spoken about before, and on the back of that, I wrote this blog post which honestly feels quite important to me and might be the beginning of more content creation on this topic (when I have a spare moment!). If you listen to the podcast or read the blog and have any thoughts or opinions I’d absolutely love to hear them. These are conversations I’m really interested in having. Another podcast I loved listening to this month was with Helena Bonham-Carter (I'm a huge fan). This one was really moving. She's talking about bravery and trust which is a subject I researched deeply for my book (coming out in January with Affirm Press) and she absolutely nails it in my opinion.

🌹 I didn't watch much TV in the last month but I am looking forward to watching 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart' soon, the book was exquisite and I love Holly Ringland.

With great love all is possible,

Katie Rose x

P.S. Something special is coming next month in Bhakti Rose. It’s FREE (so much free goodness!). 'Liquid Gold' will be a deep dive into the Ayurvedic art of self-massage and the therapeutic magic of honey and oil in Ayurveda. I'll be sharing more with you on this soon.



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