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Yoga Teachers! We know why you haven’t made the online space work for you yet.

Perhaps over the pandemic, you thought about doing something online (or even tried it and didn’t quite make it work). You’re feeling overwhelmed or disillusioned so now you’ve decided not to try or you've given up.

You’re thinking … 

💻The tech is too hard/expensive 

🤷‍♀️I don’t know what to teach  

💤 It’s all been done before 

👎 I don’t have a large following 

⏰ I don’t have time to set this all up 

📚 It feels like a lot of work 

Let us change your mind! In our FREE THREE-SESSION training, running live on Zoom in the first week of March, we’ll show you how to overcome all these challenges and MAKE MONEY ONLINE. 

This is what we know about successful online businesses:

✅ There are tons of easy workarounds when it comes to the tech side of things. Yes, it’s great to have a beautiful ‘all the bells and whistles’ website but it’s also possible to start very simple and low-cost. We’ve seen successful businesses launch with an Instagram account, a PayPal account, and a free ‘landing page’ (such as Milkshake or Linktree). You can even start with a Google doc as a ‘sign up page’. Once you’ve made your first chunk of the income you can invest it back into improving your tech over time. We will hold your hand through the process of working all this out.

✅ You might not realise it but you have your own methodology and way of teaching that’s specific to you. We will help you work out your unique approach and essence and then communicate that beautifully so that people are signing up for your offerings because they want to work with you and your special magic. You have something special to offer and we will help you figure out what that is. Yes, there are a lot of yoga teachers out there, but there are also a lot of students and no one is sharing yoga exactly like you.

✅ You don’t need a large following to start making a ‘side income’ online. We won’t promise you an overnight waterfall of money (although you never know!) but we can show you how to add to your in-person teaching income even with a low-cost offering and even with a small audience. We’ll also help you strategise your social media skilfully so that a small audience can grow with you over time.

✅ Yes it will take a bit of time and you’ll go through a learning curve to get an online yoga offering up and running. But isn’t running around all over town teaching classes exhausting too? For a strategic investment of your time and energy now you’ll reap the rewards of ‘passive’ income later. Plus this is your offering – you’re not dependent on a gym, health club, or yoga studio to give you work. 

We’ve created successful businesses online ourselves and we can show you how too. 

It’s not as hard as you think (that’s a promise).

Click here to learn more about our FREE THREE-SESSION training.

Katie and Edwina x