My Favourite Things (October 2023)

katie rose things i'm loving yoga Oct 01, 2023

Hey dear friends!

I’m so happy that the warmer weather is here in Sydney, we just spent a relaxing few days on the South Coast with our tribe of kids (plus bonus kids! As if we don’t have enough of our own!) and it was glorious. I nearly got into the ocean but just couldn’t quite do the cold water immersion at the last minute. I’m certainly no Wim Hoff when it comes down to it. Still working on the yogic siddhi of being able to self-regulate my temperature.

Here's what’s been going down over the last few weeks:

🌹 I had the most beautiful conversation with colleague and peer Amy Landry for her podcast this week. Amy is a woman I have long admired for her depth of knowledge, embodied practice, and powerful education. Our conversation covered:

🌹 Unraveling the esoteric and feminine approach to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

🌹 The value of inner authority when understanding yoga-related texts

🌹 Weaving the masculine and feminine qualities into daily life, personally and professionally

🌹 Being in a relationship with the subtle yogic body, the pranamaya kosha, in a practical way

🌹 Building community, bringing people together both in person and online

🌹 The challenges and biggest learning from hosting online live summits

🌹 My favourite book recommendations on Yoga and Ayurveda




🌹 I spent a lot of time with my kids this month. As I look back though, my diary to see what’s there for sharing with you it’s just swimming and playing and making (with my little ones) and mundane things like washing the car or driving lessons (with my teens). A past version of me would have seen this as ‘unproductive’ but older, wiser me sees it as wonderful. What a blessing that I’m able to work from home, be available for my family, and be present for these precious small moments.

🌹 I did do a massive spring clean of our home this month. We also did a bunch of small jobs like painting the outdoor fence and mending a few broken bits and pieces around the house. I love a good declutter and used some resources from here this time around.

Nothing too windswept and exciting over here but a nourishing and peaceful month that I am deeply grateful for nonetheless.

🌹 Next month I’m diving into this special offering from one of my mentors, Victoria Washington (joined by a few of you I know) which I’m looking forward to, and I’ll also be taking a three-day ayurvedic cleanse next week which you can join me in too.

Until next time,

Katie Rose x


P.S. It’s a special time in the Vedic calendar for the next two weeks to honour our ancestors. I’ve been posting about this over on my Instagram but in case you missed it you can watch this inspiring video from my Ayurveda teacher Maya Tiwari, I’ll be posting some more content in the next couple of weeks on Instagram if you’re keen to explore this aspect of your spirituality. Kaya Mindlin also has some very interesting and helpful insights on this topic too. 



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