My Favourite Things (August 2023)

things i'm loving Aug 01, 2023

Namaste dear friends, 

Last month was an interesting one for me. I ran one of my most popular trainings ever in the form of the Lakshmi Codes which saw over 500 women engage with the teachings of the Divine Feminine. It was such a joy to teach and I will definitely be sharing more with you on similar themes in the coming months. Straight after Lakshmi Codes, I got so sick with gastro/flu. It was awful! I'm just starting to feel better now but it's been a couple of weeks pretty much spent in bed. 

Here's some of what July held for me: 

WAITING with so much excitement for this divine oils brand to relaunch its products. This video just makes me want to cover my whole body in oil! Talking of which I'll be running an online guided abhyanga challenge soon. Ayurveda celebrates the magic and health benefits of good quality oil on the skin over and over again.  Let's all get oily together :)

HEALING with these amazing herbs from one of my favourite herbal medicine suppliers Bliss Elixir. They are going to get my poor old immune system back on track. 

LOOKING at these incredible artworks created by AI. Although I'm not really a huge Artificial Intelligence fan (it scares me, to be honest) I think these are exquisite. 

PLANNING for a special month inside my membership program Bhakti Club, we had over 30 new members join us in July and I have such a treat in store for them over the coming weeks. Starting with a live exclusive session with these wonderful artists and musicians

READING 'The Uncaged Sky' by Kylie Moore-Gilbert about her incarceration in an Iranian prison. She is a brilliant writer and portrays the nuance of her harrowing experience with great skill. This book made me think a lot about what the mind is capable of enduring and how we thrive as human beings. 

WATCHING Transatlantic on Netflix. You know I love historical drama. This one was delivered beautifully. The party scenes inside the French chateau were to die for. I loved the way this series captured heartache, beauty, and joy all in equal measure. 

Wishing you a vibrant and health-filled month ahead from my heart to yours, 

Katie Rose x 

P.S. My last ever Yoga Sutras Intuitive Alchemy training starts on Sunday. It's not too late to join us


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