My Favourite Things (April 2024)

katie rose personal transformation things i'm loving Apr 01, 2024

Namaste dear friends and community, 

1st of April is my birthday (always reminded to keep things lighthearted with the fun energy of the 'fool') and it's also the birthday of my two businesses - Bhakti Rose is four today and Bhakti Business turns one. 

I always find my birthday a beautiful time to reflect and look back. As a pitta type in ayurveda, I'm constitutionally inclined to be forever projecting forward so these moments of sentimentality and reflection are few and far between and the sweeter for it. I'm so proud of the community in this space, particularly inside my membership Bhakti Club which continues to grow and thrive and in which I continue to show up doing my most open and transparent work alongside so many of you. 

This month comes with news of my relationship break up. If you’ve read my latest book ‘Trust Life, Trust Yourself, Find Peace’ you’ll know I write about the ebbs and flows of relationships in there and the only certainty which is that nothing is permanent. If you’ve been in my community for a while you’ve no doubt heard me talk about my divorce six years ago which was far from easy. This ending feels much sweeter and kinder - a mutual parting of ways - and I'm the better for it. In all honesty I’m really excited to spend some time single. My life is so abundant with sadhana, children and work and the 'forest-dweller' in me craves alone time. I know many of you with full and busy lives can relate! 

Here's some of what I've been enjoying the last month: 

1) As mentioned above the 'forest-dwelling' years are part of Vedic culture. THIS PODCAST with the wonderful Amy Landry has a good explanation. Kate O'Donnell whom she is interviewing is the author of one of my all-time favourite ayurveda cooking books. You can find that HERE. I've been deep in Bhagavad Gita study as we hit the midway point of my current group training focused on the wisdom for women in this great text. A podcast you might enjoy if you're interested in the Gita is HERE

2) I've been listening to THIS SONG on repeat. It's a new favourite. I love it when devotional music intersects with romance and nostalgia. 

3) Inside my business I have been doing lots of tidying and organising and systemising. I love a good old deep clean both literally and metaphorically. As my work in the world continues to expand and grow (thank you all!) better systems and automation were required and now they are in place. I plan to follow this up with a big seasonal clean and tidy of my home in April. 

4) I had a beautiful Ayurveda treatment with the wonderful FELICIA ROBEY recently. Massage, facial, basti and energy rebalance. The absolute best! If you live in Sydney I cannot recommend her enough. We also had a delicious lunch at this local Palestinian CAFE. Living in the Inner West I have my favourite cafes (we're spoilt for choice) and rarely go somewhere new but this place will be added to my frequent go-tos. 

5) I've been reading a historical novel - The Women by Kristin Hannah - and it's wonderful. It will be an upcoming book for book club inside BHAKTI CLUB and I'm excited for the conversations it will ignite. 

Sending so much love your way and prayers for peace on our troubled planet. 

With great love all is possible, 

Katie Rose x 

P.S. Do you have a book, podcast or music recommendation for me? Hit reply, I'd love to hear it. 


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