Captivating Social Media

Nov 22, 2023

'Making beautiful and thoughtful social media content can be a form of deep creative and artistic expression,' says Edwina Peden, my own social media manager and the founder of Shakti Creative. 

In our busy lives, it's common for creative pursuits to take a backseat. Whether it's dancing, cooking, or other forms of creative expression, time often slips away, leaving us longing for more artistic fulfilment.

But here's a fresh perspective: creating captivating social media content can be an incredibly enriching and enjoyable creative endeavour. 

Here are some of the ways creating content for your social media can become an expression of your creativity:

🎨 Infuse your social media content with deep creative expression, making it a true reflection of your unique artistry.

🎨 Develop a captivating brand aesthetic and design that aligns perfectly with your yoga business values and vision.

🎨 Master the art of storytelling through visuals and words, creating an authentic connection with your audience.

🎨 Embrace the joy of crafting compelling content that resonates with your followers and brings your creativity to life.

🎨 Create a colour palette and brand aesthetic for your business that beautifully reflects your values and mission.

Let's embrace the art of creative expression together and revolutionise our social media presence.

Here's what my mentor Victoria Washington has to say about the process: 

'You are the CEO of a business… aka the Creative Executive of company. Your main way of communicating with your people is through content. Your content is one of many pieces of content that they see in one day. You deliver a majority of your content through online platforms. AND… At the same time, many of you are creating FROM those online platforms. Eventually… Your online creation turns into online perpetuation. Rinsing and repeating, The same thing. Until you’re bored and your content is unbranded. Until your content and their content and the industry’s content is…all…the…same… Here’s the shift: When you begin to CREATE in-person… And then deliver and serve that online… Your content goes from flat and dry… To pulsing with a the heartbeat that chose to LEAVE THE SCREEN to create it. …aka leave your comfort zone ;) Your content goes from being regurgitated from something else you heard online… (Likely from something else they saw online…) To never-done-before style content oozing with humanness! BUZZING with the fire of a soul who will stop at nothing to make her heart come alive THROUGH the screen. And then… You go from being a coach who creates content… To a brand that changes the world with their art.'