One-to-One with Katie Rose (three sessions)

I offer one-to-one coaching on zoom in hour sessions. In these sessions I can work with you on a range of areas:

  • Mindset and life management. I juggle five kids, a successful business and a happy relationship. It’s full-on and I feel like I’m constantly working on myself to expand my capacity to hold all of this in a kind, loving and fun way. I’ve worked hard to create a life I enjoy. I’d love to help you do the same.
  • Developing your online business and product offers. I’ve scaled my business Bhakti Rose over three years to support myself and my family. I’d love to help you do the same with your business.
  • Expanding beyond teaching on an hourly rate as a doula, yoga teacher or coach. Let’s figure out how you can leverage your skills to make a scalable and sustainable income.
  • Yoga philosophy, ayurveda and teaching plans / methodology / content.
  • Book ideas. I have been published by Hardie Grant and Rockpool Publishing as well as self-publishing one of my titles. In 2024 I have a book coming out with Affirm Press. I know the non-fiction publishing industry well and I know what a good book proposal looks like. In our session we can talk about your idea, the pathway to publishing and everything in-between. I’m also happy to help you in structuring your writing and offer support and guidance to get your book written.
  • Help with social media, how to use it authentically and skilfully and leverage it to generate sales.

You can book one session for $275 or three sessions (to be used within three months) for $750.

We can get A LOT done in an hour.  There will be no fluff, just plenty of focused attention and actionable strategy. 

As well as the above I have a knack for seeing what people are really good at (not what they think they’re good at or should be good at which are often different things). I’m skilled at finding the best in people and helping them to align with what lights them up. If you’re stuck with the question ‘what am I meant to be doing with my life? Or ‘what business should I create?’ I can help with this.

Once you have purchased your session I will be in touch to book a time that suits you. 

To book just one session click here.

$750.00 AUD